No Gore or Guts Needed

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a great screenwriter and director. I read books about all the best classic movies, memorizing names of actors and directors. At ten, I daydreamed about accepting an Oscar for Best Director. I would write the greatest horror story…

I don’t write horror, but I’ve learned so much from writers like Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe

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I grew up understanding that places could appear haunted, but usually, it’s the people inside them that were. My mother was followed by ghosts and spirits. They…


The lessons she taught me play a part in all the fiction I’ve ever written

As a child, my grandmother mailed me monthly letters. I wrote her back but not nearly as often. My preference was for fiction, and I filled notebooks with charcoal pencil scribblings about living in a city, fighting crime, and becoming a local hero.

I was alone often, but life was…

Chelsea Catherine

Chelsea Catherine is a nonbinary lesbian residing in St. Petersburg. They have two fun gay books available here:

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