The 5 Types of Writing Teachers

Chelsea Catherine
2 min readJun 11, 2021
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1. There will be teachers who challenge you. Who you don’t agree with. Who you fight with! Who you look at and think, “Why does this need to be like this?” Who make you question everything you know and work hard for everything that matters. These are the teachers you will look back on and thank for teaching you the hard lessons, for preparing you to be prepared for anything life throws at you. (Miss Vallerand)

2. There will be teachers who are kind to you. Who show up and provide you with the unconditional love and respect you may not get at home. Who always have a smile, in spite of whatever they are dealing with. Who are the parent you need when your parent can’t do it. These are the teachers who help you get through those dark moments when you don’t believe in yourself. These are the teachers who give you hope in humanity and what it could be like. (Mrs. Ritzo)

3. There will be teachers who make you feel special. Who vibe with you on a different level. Who encourage your growth in ways other people have never encouraged your growth. Who love the shit you are doing and support you, ask you questions, investigate with you, and laugh with you. These teachers will pay you the attention you have never gotten anywhere else. They will help you believe in who you are and how you think. They will save your life. (Mrs. Morris, rest in peace)

4. There will be teachers who just get you. Who get everything you’re trying to say, even when you’re not able to say it well. Who provide the best advice, exactly when and how you need it. Who hype you whenever you need hyping. Who are always there, even when their time as your “official” teacher has passed. These teachers will become your friends and biggest supporters. They are the ones who just KNOW things. They will become a model of how you can be the best you. (Sheree)

5. There will be teachers who mirror you. Who have your same soul reflected with small variations. Who you hate sometimes, but you always love, and who feel more like family than anything else. These teachers will stay with you for your entire life. They will be like a soulmate — someone you knew so closely for a short while but who went on their own way — and you will be forever thankful for their presence. (Professor Osborne)

To all the teachers I’ve ever had, thank you. To all who teach, you are valued beyond measure.

(Teacher Appreciation Day was May 4th but it’s never too late to thank your teachers for all that they do.)



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