He is Also My Hero

My dad was deployed to Iraq in 2004. He called from our home in rural Vermont while my mother and I were visiting her family in Louisiana. My dad’s Army career had been front and center in our lives for many years. He’d been leaving for two and three weeks…

I don’t write horror, but I’ve learned so much from writers like Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe

I grew up understanding that places could appear haunted, but usually, it’s the people inside them that were. My mother was followed by ghosts and spirits. They grabbed hold of her during visits to local cemeteries, clinging to her and hanging over everyone who was close to her.

When I…

Or, How a Fictional Character Saved My Life

When I was nineteen, I sat on the steps of a brownstone in the Upper East Side and watched Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as they filmed. My best friend found out earlier that day they were shooting in Manhattan, just thirty-five miles away from where we attended college…

Chelsea Catherine

Chelsea Catherine is a nonbinary lesbian residing in St. Petersburg. They have two fun gay books available here: chelseacatherinewriter.com.

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